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I'm still curious what Jocketty was thinking (player wise) when considering a trade for Jimenez (the Rockies starting pitcher) ??

You have to think something needs to be done if they are going to look at getting Phillip's signed to a long term deal.

This could be Arroyo's last season as well, but I don't think they take a huge hit there and can get that contract off the books.

Are things really so good in the outfield that the Reds shouldn't be doing the same thing the Pirates are in looking at Beltran ??

I mean the Mets are going to pick up the majority of his salary for 2011.

Cozart has certainly made me cool to the idea of going after a shortstop, but it makes me wonder why we don't look at AAA a bit more.

While we certainly aren't cooked for the season at this point, I don't think this team is a contender and couldn't hold up in a series against the likes of the Phillies. Why not bring up someone from the minors to see if they can give a spark the way Cozart has ??

I agree that something needs to be done. When you see an organization like the Pirates dig themselves out of their 20 year slump and pass your team up, someone's eyes need to be opened quickly or someone's head needs to roll.

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