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Bengals history

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What is your most favorable Bengals Memory?

Mine was watching the 1989 Super Bowl against the 49ERS. In my opinion that was the best Super Bowl ever played. The game came down to the last few seconds of contest. I believe that if we hadn’t lost Krumrie to a broken leg, we might have won that game. We had a heck of a team that year; six Pro Bowl selections. Wide receiver Eddie Brown, Tim McGee and Pro Bowl tight end Rodney Holman! Rookie fullback Ickey Woods and his "Ickey Shuffle". Running back James Brooks and our offensive line led by Pro Bowl players as right guard Max Montoya and left tackle Anthony Muñoz. Our Def had Pro Bowl defensive tackle Tim Krumrie, along with linemen Jim Skow, David Grant, and Jason Buck. Then we had Pro Bowl defensive backs Eric Thomas and David Fulcher and safety Lewis Billups!

What is your least favorable Bengal Memory?

Mine was the playoff game against the Steelers. When we lost Palmer to a leg injury and had to rely on Kitna, I knew it was over for us. He did shock me during the 1st half and actually played well. The in the second half the real Kitna came out and we lost. I believe we would have gone all the way that year if we hadn’t lost Palmer!

Who are your favorite Bengals of all time?

A few of mine are all the guys spoken about in the 1st paragraph along with, Jim Breech!

Good lord I miss football!!!

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Favorite Bengals memory ??

Easy, I was at the Freezer Bowl. I was 10 and my mom and dad were arguing about him taking me to the game. Dad won and i'm greatly appreciative to this day. However, in retrospect, i'm not sure I would take my own 10 year old son to a game that had -59 wind chills today. Anyway....

Second favorite ??

After beating the Chargers in the Freezer Bowl, my Dad got Super Bowl XVI tickets and yes, I got to go to that as well. It didn't turn out the way I had hoped, but I got separated from my dad at the end of the game and the security gaurd took a shortcut to the lost and found ACROSS THE SUPER BOWL FIELD. I was in heaven and wasn't even concerned that I couldn't find my dad among all those people.

Least favorite ??

That moment has been over 20 years in duration and i'm really looking forward to it coming to an end.

Palmer and Henry going down in the playoff game ranks right up there.

Favorite Bengals ??

Being an older fan, there are a sh*tload of players that could be named that I have seen play through the years.

Kenny Anderson, Issac Curtis, Ken Riley, Anthony Munoz, Dan Ross and through the years with Fulcher, Collinsworth, Brooks, Thomas, Krumrie as well as some of the more recent guys as well. While there may have not been a ton of pro bowls and no Super Bowls among them while in stripes, they were in and of themselves great players.

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