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WCA mock 2.0

Whur CHad At?

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I am starting to come to the realization that Cam Cam is going to be #1 overall so I am going to adjust here.

1. Robert Quinn DE -- whether we trade down or not I really like Quinn. Pair this guy up with Dunlap and Atkins and this could be a very formable trio for years to come. WR makes absolutely no sense in this spot because it is NOT as big of need as you think.

2. Christian Ponder QB -- gotta get a QB and he fits so why not. He might be gone by this point so a trade up is possible. As much as I dislike Kapernick and Mallet you can't rule them out here

3. Bruce Carter LB--- simply BPA plus it is a need. Carter falls farther than you think and we take him to upgrade at SAM LB. I can almost guarantee this pick will happen. Marvin wants his picks to play right away and boom, you have three starters immediately.

4. John Moffitt G-- We wait to long in my opinion to address this need so this is the pick. I believe this pick could go several ways.

5. Austin Pettis WR-- ok we get a receiver. Look you don't need one superstar receiver to be good when you can have several and be great. This guy is a gamer and at this point is a no brained

6. Ahmad Black S -- yes I have him as a sixth rounder and yes I believe he will be a starter in this league. Everyone is scared off by his 40 time but last time I checked none of our safeties are "fast". This guy is a steal and would not be shocked to see him go undrafted.

7. Weslye Saunders TE-- first round ability just not very smart. Perfect fit. Guy can block though

7b. Jamie Harper RB-- Practice Squad.

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