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Kickoff Rule Changes Approved


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It should help the Bengals since we can't seem to find kickers who can kick off 70 yards and our special teams aren't the best either. I think it hurts a team like Cleveland with Josh Cribs a lot more. Basically they're just going back to 1993 rules. Sometimes I think the owners feel like these meetings are wasted if they can't fiddle with a rule here and there.

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I think it's trying to fix something that "ain't broke" so to speak.

I see absolutely zero reason this needed to happen.

Oh well, I guess they have to justify that big meeting somehow huh ?

Do you think they're trying to "improve the safety" of the game to allow two more games?

To me, this sounds like an ulterior motive. IMO I think they're trying to make it "safer" where they can statistically prove fewer injuries prior to the leveraging to go to 18.

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