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Rampage vs Rashad


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First UFC i've been excited about in a very long time,Just wish I had the spare cash to buy it "starts searching the internet for live feeds"

so my picks :P






Hyun Kim






PS,I know theres some Brock haters on here but I do look forward to UFC 116 should be interesting matchup.

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Kaz, if you want to watch the fight online. Go to ATDHE.net and under live sports. They're usually the best for PPV's as many other sites have the broadcasts shut down right away.

I agree on most of the picks...2 exceptions though. I think Bisping beats Miller, and Russow beats Duffee (I'm not buying the Duffee hype....Yet).

I'm also predicting Rampage KO's Evans in the 2nd Rd.

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Yeah...Rampage basically did nothing the first 2 Rds, and should have finished off Evans in the 3rd, even after Evans got back up he was still kind of out of it for about 30 seconds or so, but Rampage didn't rush him or anything? he looked gassed. I guess taking that time off, shooting movies and coming into camp overweight took its toll. I wouldnt mind seeing a rematch (if Rampage was dedicated) I don't think it will happen. Evans gets "Shogun" next....That should be a good fight. Rashad looked very quick the first 2 Rds.

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Evans didn't do nothing for first 2 rnds besides Grope Rampage,people can say it's a strategy but Lay And Pray is gay...I could see a Rematch if Rampage could beat Dragon...But I think they'll give him 2 Average fights to get him back and going then a big matchup like Rashad or Dragon.

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