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The NBA Midwest Division


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Since I am from southern Ohio, I don't get too much into the NBA, but I've always followed San Antonio. All I can say is that their division is stacked this year. You have:

San Antonio - They have one of the top three players in the game in Tim Duncan, plus the best young point guard in the league.

Minnesota - Minnesota also has a top three player in Kevin Garnett, and they won the division last year.

Houston - Houston has the best young center in the league in Yao Ming, plus a top five player in Tracy McGrady.

Dallas - Dallas may be off the pace next year, althoug they still have Dirk Nowitski, Michael Finley, Jerry Stackhouse, and Antoine Walker.

Utah - Utah had the steal of free agency in Carlos Boozer, plus other good pickups. They should be a much improved team next year.

Memphis - Memphis hasn't done much in free agency, but they did win 50 games last year. Go Hubie!

Denver - Denver has one of the top young players in the league in Carmelo Anthony, just traded for a top player in Kenyon Martin, and have some other good talent in Andre Miller, Nene Hilario, and some other good players.

Now, is that division the best in basketball, or what? Thank goodness the Mavs didn't get Shaq.

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ya i agree its the best in basketball.

Predicted finish:

1 Minn

2 SA

3 Den

4 Hou

5 Dal

6 Mem

7 Utah

Man this is a tough division to predict. Den might finish above SA and 6 of the 7 have a shot at the playoffs...all but utah.

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T Wolves will own it up with KG...

Rockets will shock ya with Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming (plus they have always been a team I liked)

San Antonia-Tim Duncan yeah...




Utah(good I hate you bastards and hope you always suck...)


What's your beef with the Mormons--er--Jazz??? Are you just pissed off that you can't find a Starbucks anywhere in the state of Utah???

Yeah, I can't live without caffeine either.


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