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I'm Draft-Weary Already


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Still 2 weeks to go until the draft and I've just about had it with all the predraft folderol. Man, I've been reading too many websites and watching too much Path To The Draft on NFL Network. I've always found this NFL draft stuff to be very interesting, but I've never before reached my limit with so much time left to draft day. I guess I overdid it this year. I guess the tipping point came last night with Warren Sapp on the NFL Network dishing out his semi-coherent draft analysis. From Platoon:"Opinions are like a**h***s.Everybody has one."

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I think it also stems from the fact the Bengals (for the first time in a long time) aren't cornered into taking a specific position in the first round. They actually have the opportunity to take the Best Player Available. Why does that matter ?? Because there are simply so many options and so many players available, it overloads how much we have to consider.

Not only that, but just about any angle you choose to argue is at least moderately right. Where last year, the argument was which was the best option for us at the OT spot, this year its, what player could fall to us and what position could we take ?? Seriously, they could go, DE, DT, WR, S, OG, TE, OLB (saw Kindle's name thrown to us at OLB) and not be wrong.

I for one am enjoying all the conversation and the many options we appear to have, but will admit to it being overwhelming...

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