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Kazkals Mock Draft


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Army,Billy or someone else can you move this to mocks section? my bad.

Bengals Happy dance draft

1.)Taylor Mays -Should be expected from me :P

2.)Rob Gronkowski Anything to help push Coats off the Roster.

3.) Mardy Gilyard Well Depends how many WR's will go Good chance won't be there but if he is? golden

3b.)Mike Johnson-Big Dres former teammate,Can sit a year Behind Bobbie

4.)Tyson Alualu Another DT for the Rotation

4b.)LeGarrette Blount Do we Plan on Keep Cedben? or is the Plan to give him 350+ Carries and cut him loose?

5.)Kevin Basped DE/OLB-Spends a Year Behind Mauluga & Rashad Learning SLB Well Joining MJ on 3rd Downs.

6.)Leigh Tiffin Alot of teams had Kicking problems last year may have to grab him in the 5th

7.)Kyle McCarthy FS-Competes for 5th Safety/special teamer spot.




RB:Cedben,Leonard,Scott & Blount (4)

TE:Kelly,Gronkowski,Coffman (3)

WR:Chad,Byrant,Gilyard,Caldwell,Cosby,Simpson(6)(Unless a UDFA beats him out)

OT:Whitworth,BigDre,Roland,Collins (4)

OG:Mathis,Williams,Johnson,Nate livings (4)







CB:Joseph,Hall,Trent & Jones(4) Would took another CB in draft but came down between that & DT

FS:Chris Crocker,McCarthy(2)

SS:Roy,Mays & Ndukwe (3) (Was tough for me not to include Hebert Because I was one of his biggest supporters last year...Though alot depends how they wanna use Safetys do they move Ndukwe to Free? Do they Leave Mays at Free instead moving him to strong? If a spot did come down between Hebert & Ndukwe I wouldn't be surprised if Hebert won because of his special teams play.

ST:Hubert,Harris & Tiffin

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Round 1----------------------------------------------

1.)St. Louis:Rams:Sam Bradford -QB , OKLAHOMA

2.)Detriot:Lions: Gerald Mccoy-DT , OKLAHOMA

3.)Tampa Bay:Buccaneers:NdamukongSuh-DT NEBRASKA

4 Washington Redskins:Russel Okung-OT OKLAHOMA STATE

5 Kansas City Chiefs:Bryan Bulaga-OT Iowa

6 Seattle Seahawks:Eric Berry- S -ennessee

7 Cleveland Browns:Joe Haden, CB, Florida

8 Oakland Raiders:- Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland (Sorry Raider fans but you know Al Davis likes his boys in shorts)

9 Buffalo Bills: - Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame

10* Jacksonville Jaguars: Brandon Graham-DE-Michigan

11* Denver Broncos (from Chicago) -:Rolando Mcclain ILB Alabama

12 Miami Dolphins:Dez Bryant -WR-Oklahoma St.

13 San Francisco 49ers:Anthony Davis -OT-Rutgers

14 Seattle Seahawks (from Denver) :Trent Williams-OT-Oklahoma

15 New York Giants:Sean Weatherspoon -LB-Missouri

16 Tennessee Titans:Earl Thomas-S-Texas

17 SanFrancisco 49ers (from Carolina) :Mike Iupati-OL-Idaho

18 Pittsburgh Steelers:Maurkice Pouncey -OL-Florida

19 Atlanta Falcons:Derrick Morgan -DE-Georgia Tech

20* Houston Texans:C.J. Spiller -RB- Clemson

21 Cincinnati Bengals:Taylor Mays -S- USC

22 New England Patriots:Sergio Kindle -OLB-Texas

23 Green Bay Packers:Charles Brown -OT- USC

24 Philadelphia Eagles:Jason Pierre-Paul -DE- South Florida

25 Baltimore Ravens:Jermaine Gresham -TE- Oklahoma

26 Arizona Cardinals:Dan Williams -DT-Tennessee

27 Dallas Cowboys:Nate Allen - S - South Florida

28 San Diego Chargers:Terrence Cody -NT- Alabama

29 New York Jets:Golden Tate -WR- Norte Dame

30 Minnesota Vikings:Patrick Robinson -CB- Florida State

31 Indianapolis Colts:Vladimir Ducasse -OT-Massachusetts

32 New Orleans Saints:Carlos Dunlap-DE- Florida

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Round 2---------------------------------------------------

33 St. Louis Rams: Jared Odrick-DT-Penn State

34 Detroit Lions:Jahvid Best -RB- California

35 Tampa Bay Buccaneers:Everson Griffen -DE- USC

36 Kansas City Chiefs:Rodger Saffold -OG-Indiana

37 Washington Redskins:Colt McCoy-QB- Texas

38 Cleveland Browns:Tony Pike -QB-Cincinnati

39 Oakland Raiders:Brian Price -DT- UCLA

40 San Diego Chargers (from Seattle) - :Ryan Mathews -RB- Fresno State

41 Buffalo Bills:Demaryius Thomas -WR-Georgia Tech

42 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Chicago) - Arrelious Benn -WR-

43 Miami Dolphins:Brandon Spikes -ILB-Florida

44 New England Patriots (from Jacksonville) :IllinoisBrandon LaFell -WR-Louisana State

45 Denver Broncos:Jon Asamoah -OG-Illinois

46 New York Giants: Lamar Houston -DT-Texas

47 Carolina Panthers:Damian Williams WR -USC-

48 New England Patriots (from Tennessee) :Aaron Hernandez -TE-Florida

49 San Francisco 49ers: Devin McCourty -CB- Rutgers

50 Houston Texans:Reshad Jones -S- Georgia

51 Kansas City Chiefs (from Atlanta) - John Jerry -OG- Ole Miss

52 Pittsburgh Steelers:Areem Jackson -CB- Alabama

53 New England Patriots:Alex Carrington -34 DE- Arkansas State

54 Cincinnati Bengals:Rob Gronkowski -TE - Arizona

55 Philadelphia Eagles:Major Wright -S- Florida/

56 Green Bay Packers:Koa Misi -OLB-Utah

57 Baltimore Ravens:Jerry Hughes-DE(olb)-Texas Christian

58 Arizona Cardinals:Anthony McCoy-TE-USC

59 Dallas Cowboys:Erin Decker -WR-Minnesota

60 Seattle Seahawks (from San Diego) -:Greg Hardy -DE- Ole Miss

61 New York Jets:Ricky Sapp -OLB/DE- Clemson

62 Minnesota Vikings:Tim Tebow -QB- Florida (Gets to learn Behind Favre)

63 Indianapolis Colts :Arthur Jones-DT- Syracuse

64 New Orlean Saints: Morgan Burnett -S - Georgia Tech

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Round 3---------------------------------------------

65 St. Louis Rams:Danario Alexander -WR-Missouri

66 Detroit Lions:Jason Fox -OT- Miami

67 Tampa Bay Buccaneers:Perrish Cox-CB-Oklahoma State

68 Kansas City Chiefs:Cam Thomas-NT-North Carolina

69 Oakland Raiders:Jerome Murphy -CB-South Florida

70 Philadelphia Eagles (from Seattle) :Jared Veldheer -OT- Hillsdale

71 Cleveland Browns:Toby Gerhart -RB-Stanford

72 Buffalo Bills:Joe McKnight-RB- USC

73 Miami Dolphins:Chad Jones-S- Louisiana State

74 Jacksonville Jaguars:Shawn Lauvao -OG-Arizona State

75 Chicago Bears:Selvish Capers -OT-West Virginia

76 New York Giants: Zane Beadles -OG-Utah

77 Tennessee Titans:Daryl Washington-OLB-Texas Christian

78 Carolina Panthers:Geno Atkins-DT- Georgia

79 San Francisco 49ers:J.D. Walton -C- Braylor

80 Denver Broncos:Brandon Deaderick -34 end- Alabama

81 Atlanta Falcons:Brandon Ghee -CB_ Wake Forest

82 Pittsburgh Steelers:Donald Butler-ILB- Washington

83 Houston Texans:Jermaine Cunningham DE Florida

84 Cincinnati Bengals:Mardy Gilyard -WR - Cinci

85 Cleveland Browns (from New England) -:Ciron Black-OT-Louisiana State

86 Green Bay PackersKyle Calloway OT -Iowa-

87 Philadelphia Eagles:Javier Arenas -CB- Alabama

88 Arizona Cardinals (from Baltimore) -:Sean Lee -ILB- Penn State

89 Arizona Cardinals:George Selvieie-OLB/DE-South Florida

90 Dallas Cowboys:Adam Ulatoski OT -Texas

91 San Diego Chargers: Jamar Chaney-ILB- Mississipippi State

92 Cleveland Browns (from New York Jets) - Jason Worilds -OLB/DE - Virginia Tech

93 Minnesota Vikings:Corey Peters -DT- Central Florida

94 Indianapolis Colts: Eric Norwood -OLB-South Carolina

95 New Orleans Saints:Ed Dickson -TE-Oregon

96 Cincinnati Bengals-Mike Johnson-OG-Alabama

97 Tennessee Titans:TitansDorin Dickerson -WR- Pits (Titans seem to like athletiac ability as much as Al Davis does but Dickerson won't be a TE in the NFl so moves to WR.

98 Atlanta Falcons :Dennis Pitta-TE-Brigham Young

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I took care of the move for you, so no issues there.

In the mock I will put on here soon, we have the 1st, 2nd, 4b, and 6th round picks the same.

Bwhahaha Well I hope your right because 1st 2nd 4b and 6th would make me very happy ^_^,I thought about doing a mock where we take Greshem simply appease the "experts" plus get use to idea encase it does happen hehe.

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I took care of the move for you, so no issues there.

In the mock I will put on here soon, we have the 1st, 2nd, 4b, and 6th round picks the same.

Bwhahaha Well I hope your right because 1st 2nd 4b and 6th would make me very happy ^_^,I thought about doing a mock where we take Greshem simply appease the "experts" plus get use to idea encase it does happen hehe.

I've said it before about thinking Gronkowski is the most complete tight end in the draft (maybe not the most "athletic", see Gresham) but certainly the most complete. His pro day the other day showing his back is healed may keep him out of the Bengals reach in the 2nd round, but I'm hoping he's there. He is a very good blocker and has all the measureables that would give the Bengals offense another weapon to help Carson. I'm really hoping he's there and we don't grab Gresham in the first.

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