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Hows your favorite


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Yo peeps!! How's your Fav NBA team doing this year?

Well my Knicks have won 17 games so far (wow that's the whole season total normally) and they are in 9th place in the East

They are playing good at times and win a big game and then lose to a weaker club. Yes their are some teams worse than the Knicks.

They did lose to the lowly Nets this year and that hurt. But so far I can't complain to much they still got a shot at the play-offs. Play-offs!!! Play-offs!! Did he say Play-offs.

So what's up with you guys clubs? I'm sure I'm gonna here from some Cav's fans cuz we are in their area up here. But I want to here from you other fans to. So give a shout out and let me see what's up!

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I have always been a Detroit Pistons fan....and man do they stink this year. Too many injuries. Being that I am also a big Lakers Fan (being from SoCal..and yes you can have 2 favorites, as long as they are in different conferences) I am glad that at least one of my teams has a chance at a Championship. Go Lakers....and here's hoping the Pistons get lucky in the NBA Lottery...Waiting for another Showdown between them....So far in 3 times vs each other in the Finals...Pistons are 2-1 vs. Lakers.

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