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Adrolis Chapman agrees to deal with Reds

Whur CHad At?

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Cuban left-hander Aroldis Chapman is close to a deal with the Cincinnati Reds, according to Major League sources.

It is a deal up to $30 Mill. He is a lefty who is widely considered the top FA on the market by some. The Reds came out of no where and beat out the favorite Red Sox, Yankees, and Angels.

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So here are a few questions:

I'm left to wonder still where the 25-20 million came from when the team was so strapped for cash yesterday ??

With Rolen extending and giving him two more years of guaranteed money at 6.5 million per how does that affect the ability to bring in more ??

What the hell are they going to do with Harang if the thought was seeing him go and paying part of his salary ??

If I had to guess, I'd say it really limits them to bring in anyone else for the roster when a bat is really needed. I'd also say IF Harang goes, which they might as well keep him now, he would have to go without getting much of anything in order to keep from paying any of his salary remaining. I really do love the fact the Reds were even a player in something like this and it shows the commitment to attempting to field a winner ballclub, but it really seems to limit the team in other areas of need and with the thought of the kid (22 years old) needing at least a year to develop in the minors, there's no immediate return on the investment. Seems kind of rough for a small market team like the Reds.

I'm still pleased for the most part though !!!

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From what I hear the deal is back loaded and the major bump in his salary comes in 2012, by then they will have Harang and Arroyos big contracts off the books.

On the signing, Wow! I am shocked that they got him. From what I hear he has a fast ball that can reach 100, and a mean slider. He is compared to a slightly smaller Randy Johnson.

Imagine down the road a pitching line up of Volquez, Cueto, Bailey, Champman and then you have Leake last years first round pick. That could be an amazing 1-5.

I can dream right?

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Wow this is really great news. I first heard this on TV today. So I'm guessing this guy is ready for the Big leagues now? Least I'm hoping so. Wow I'm still in shock on this on. Somebody wake me up I'm dreaming!!!! Go Reds!!

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That's the thing, they are saying he ISN'T ready to start in the bigs right away and most think he will take AT LEAST a year in the minors to develop the control (I've heard) he doesn't have at this point with anything other than the fastball. His mechanics are already identified as poor as well. He has thrown as high as 102 in Cuba and God knows that can't be taught, but I guess I would have to see the structure of the contract, because it would have to be really backloaded to get value.

Am I happy about it ?? Sure, I just don't want to limit the teams ability to bring in some additional help (see a slugger).

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