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We are the Champions


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I know that when it comes to the Bengals I am a "glas is half full" kind of guy.

That is mostly because, they have made so many bone-head moves.

I have been among the most vocal critics when they have made bad moves, its hard not to be frustrated when you bleed black and orange and live and die every on every down every week.

I think if most of us were told at the begining of the year that the Bengals would finish 11-5 or 10-6 while winning the division and making the play-offs - and going undefeated in the division we would have been damn happy.

So I say to all of you my WHO DEY brothers at arms be happy, be very happy,this does not happen every year.

Congradulations to all of you and myself - If any fans in the NFL deserve it ,its us!

While,it would have been nice to have gone un-defeated and have had the #1 seed in the play-offs -I would much rather be the team that wins the Super Bowl- and we are going to the play-offs and still have a chance to be that team.


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