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Cin @ SD


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I hope to god that the NFL is at least consideirng moving that game to Sunday night. The rules state that we will find out no later than 12 days before the game. Anyone in the know? The current game that week is MIN @ CAR. Obviously CIN @ SD is a bigger game than MIN @ CAR. Could come down to that game for the #2 seed.

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I was just wondering the same thing. That's why I came to the forum today.

I researched to find the same rules that you stated--the move must be made at least 12 days before the game. I guess we'll find out in the next two days. Any insight from someone who knows more than I do about the flex would be great.

My first thought was that it would be really cool to see our Bengals on Sunday Night--I love NBC's coverage. Then I thought, "Well, we don't want to mess up the routine and get our young guys all jacked up and not be able to think straight." But then I remembered that any routine involving us in a West Coast game needs to be messed up as much as possible.


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Okay then, another week of trying to understand what the comms are saying with their mouth full of Bret cock. It's a shame, I'd love to be able to have it moved to SNF, I could watch it on the TV then, instead of an undersized, grainy, jerky stream.

It will be a much better game too.

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