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The Ultimate Fighter season 10


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Big Roy Nelson...The guy is boring but *** damn that big belly is effective at holding people down....Don't get me wrong you can tell the guy knows what he is doing on the ground but the Belly is what gets him wins...Really surprised Marcus loss but I guess his weakness is a Glass chin otherwise he would just be too freaking scary...That Brandon Schaub guy I just can't really see him standing a Chance think he'll lose like the other 3 guys did to Roy.

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If Roy may not look like a fighter, but he's been takin fools out. He'll take it all.

No doubt,The only people I could have seen taking roy out was someone like Marcus who is Huge and Strong as an ox...But Alas he got knocked out :/...

I just can't picture Roy having very successful career in the UFC though because alot of the fighters in the house were undersized for Heavy Weight and more likely would be LHW's if they made it to the UFC...

PS,Man Roy & Brandon aren't even the featured fight on UFC.com have pictures of Kimbo & Houston Alexander instead.

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Well Marcus Jones seems to have the softest chin I've ever seen MMA it's a shame :|

Round 1

Dave Mandel/Sherdog.com

Jones vs. Hamill.

Hamill jabs the face of Jones early. Hamill throws a spinning-back kick that misses, but he follows with a right hand that grazes the face of his opponent. Hamill stuffs a shot and then misses a flashy spinning-back fist. Hamill goes back to work with a double jab. Jones trips Hamill to the floor and immediately takes the mount. Jones absolutely tees off with bones hands and elbows to boot. Hamill does nothing but cover up while absorbing a ton of punishment. Hamill is bleeding and Jones throws a downward elbow. Referee Steve Mazzagatti takes a point from Jones for the infraction. Hamill refuses to stand after the point is taken and the bout is called. Hamill’s nose is busted up bad. There’s a cut running laterally that spans the bridge of the nose. The official ruling is that the intentional foul ended the fight, so Jones is disqualified. Hamill takes home the DQ win. An official time is not given.

MEh should be NC

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