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Why a Trade Won't Work.


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Put yourself in Linder's shoes for a moment. Why would he need to make a trade to pick up a starting pitcher that most likely won't be here next season; for we all know he won't pay competitive salaries to keep an ace.

Why trade and lose possibly 3-4 prospects and that person you traded for? Even IF the Reds win more games.. it's unlikely they will win a playoff spot.

The Cubs haven't been completely healthy at one time, they've struggled much of the season and they have identical record as the Reds. Getting Kerry Wood back, will give them the umpth they need to jump past the Reds. Their offense is pretty lethal and their rotation is one of the best in the league. Relief pitching has been somewhat a concern, but they've managed to get around that so far. Not only can this team win games with the score of 2-1 or 1-0, they can win with scores of 10-5 or 12-4.

I believe the Cards will struggle to finish in 3rd, their starting pitching isn't that great and like the Reds, they depend on their bats. They've been a on a tear, but they tend to fall apart in a few series' this season and a championship calibur team, doesn't do that. Once the offense struggles, they will fall hard.

The 'Stros.. wow, I'm more concerned about them as anyone in the Central. They have pitching and offense. Picking up Beltrane really helped both offensively and defensively, and now they could be too hard to beat for the Reds.

I really don't think the solution is butchering up our minors for someone to stay here half a season, and I don't believe trading our mainstays for prospects is hope for the future. The Reds just need to keep doing what they are doing and draft pitchers, develop the pitchers already in the system, and look for rule 5 draft steals. This is the best way to keep the infrastructure of the team, the core, and build the pitching staff at the same time.

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