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Practice Squad Tryouts(Former Sycamore Tight endMichael Matthews)


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10/29 More tryouts

Posted by jreedy October 29th, 2009, 8:28 pm Post a Comment Recommend(1)

One of the advantages of a bye week? Extra time to try out players for the practice squad, especially now that a spot is open.

On Thursday the Bengals had Jehuu Caulcrick and Bill Rentmeester in for tryouts along with tight end and former Sycamore standout Michael Matthews, who was released by the Patriots last week.

Matthews was signed by the Giants as an undrafted free agent in 2007 and played there for two seasons, mainly as a blocking tight end. He became more of a part of the Giants’ lineup after the season-ending injury to Jeremy Shockey during their Super Bowl season in 2007 and backed up Kevin Boss.

He was traded to the Patriots on Sept. 5 but was released on Oct. 20.

Caulcrick spent the last two training camps with the Jets and was on the Jets’ practice squad last year. He was on their briefly this season before being released.

Rentmeester, who was as Wisconsin along with Pressley, began training camp this year with the Chargers before being released a week into camp. He then signed with the 49ers but was waived as one of the final cuts.

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Alright, let's walk through this.

Kaz's sig.

Bottom picture.

Two gals, one in a USC Trojan jersey.

The other holding what appears to be a 20ml Monoject syringe.

So, does anybody have a guess about what's going on in that picture?

Because I've got nothing but questions.

theyre implying that USC players use steriods

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theyre implying that USC players use steriods

I guess that's what I deserve for trolling for a punchline instead of providing my own.


just off to the left looks to be a wine bottle.

so, in review, two young ladies in <ahem> warm weather attire, one is mock-injecting the others bum, with a wine bottle to the side suggesting more wine (and other things to drink) is probably being served... sounds like the halloween party to attend.

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