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USFL Documentary, "...Who Killed the USFL?"


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Did anyone see the ESPN documentary the other night called "Small Potatoes, Who Killed the USFL"? Great show. Lots of great footage of guys like Steve Young, Jim Kelly and Hershel Walker among others. One of the highlights was a come-from-behind victory by Kelly over Young 34-33 in which Kelly threw for 574 yards and 5 TDs after trailing 33-13.

The central theme was the affect that Donald Trump had on the league when he bought the NJ Generals. He basically ruined the league when he sued the NFL and coerced the other owners to move their games to the fall in 1986. There were also examples of the positive effect that the league had on the NFL. Excellent stuff if you are into the history and legacy of things. Looks like it is on again on Monday (10/26) at 7pm on ESPN2.



There is also one about the Baltimore Colt Marching Band and how their perserverence helped get the city the Ravens in 1996 after getting passed over when Jacksonville and Carolina were awarded franchises in 1993. For all the people that rail on SoP and family, they deserve some measure of thanks for not doing what the Irsays and the Modells did to their respective cities.


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