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UNTAMED's Weekly NFL Predictions

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STL @ JAC - Jaguars Win

NYG @ NO - Saints Win

CAR @ TB - Panthers Win

BAL @ MIN - Vikings Win

DET @ GB - Packers Win

CLE @ PIT - Steelers Win

KC @ WAS - Redskins Win

ARI @ SEA - Seahawks Win

PHI @ OAK - Eagles Win

BUF @ NYJ - Jets Win

TEN @ NE - Patriots Win

CHI @ ATL - Falcons Win

Den @ SD - Chargers Win

HOU @ CIN - Bengals Win

The Bengals should be able to run the ball down the Texans throat and be able to pass the ball without much trouble. But I still think this will turn out to be a high scoring game on both sides unless the Bengals can shut down AJ, stop the run and put some pressure on Matt. If we do those three things, I think the Bengals will have their first blow out win.


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Don't forget the Monday game between the Broncos and Chargers.

That being said, we picked exactly the same and I took the Chargers at home in a must win game...

Oh crap... Thanks didn't notice I'll edit it.

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STL @ JAC - Jags bounce back from an extremely embarrassing loss. Jaguars Win

NYG @ NO - Giants finally lose. Saints are too tough to beat at home. Saints Win

CAR @ TB - I think the Bucs finally put it together. Bucs Win

BAL @ MIN - Ravens are reeling and they're on the road against a tough offense. Vikings Win

DET @ GB - Megatron's out and so is Stafford. Doubt it would've mattered anyhow. Packers Win

CLE @ PIT - This is an easy pick. Steelers Win

KC @ WAS - This is a tough one to pick, but I think the Chiefs pull it out. They're due and have been playing better of late. Chiefs Win

ARI @ SEA - Hasselbeck seems to have come back from his injury with something to prove. Seahawks Win

PHI @ OAK - Raiders get blown out again. Eagles Win

BUF @ NYJ - Bills get blown out. Jauron gets fired. Jets Win

TEN @ NE - Titans lose and Collins gets benched. Patriots Win

CHI @ ATL - This will be a close game, but I think the birds pull it out with home field advantage. Falcons Win

HOU @ CIN - This also will be a close game, but with the Bengals playing at home I think they'll be able to pull it out. Bengals Win

DEN @ SD - Broncos keep rolling. Chargers haven't been able to put a good game together yet. Orton's and fire and so is Marshall. Broncos win.

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