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Who Is The Best Undefeated Team ??


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Wow that was a poll question on a ESPN web site I saw today.

Fans that had voted so far had the Colts and Giants tied at 28% then the Saints at 20% then Vikings then lastly the Broncos.

That's pretty much the way I see it to its a toss up between the giants and Colts with maybe a slite nod to the Colts.

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I agree with you guys to. But it seems like the Colts always play lites out during the regular season then stumble in the playoffs most of the time

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With how their Defense is playing I'd go

1.)Saints Beat Jets & eagles So many weapons on offense,Is the Defense for real? it has been playing very good and if it's for real then their contenders for superbowl.

2.)Giants:Easy Scheadule but their team is complete and just going off that.

3.)Vikings Beat Packers & 49ers could you ask for better defensive line?

4.)Broncos Beat the Bengals & Patriots,Defense is real

5.)Colts-second Easiest schedule of the undefeated

PS,Colts have played Dominate but they've had alot of easy games & with manning reported knees problem he is that team.

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I understand the concerns with the Colts. Their D. If their D shows up in the playoffs like they did three yrs ago, I can't see past them right now. If it doesn't then the Giants.

What a SB that would be and thinking about it some more, I'm not sure it would be that easy for the Colts. I'd personally just favour the Giants actually.

I'll go with Giants after all. :lol:

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Okay, scrub the Giants off the list. Their secondary is in serious trouble and not just because Kenny Philips went down. Just an guly performance from them.

The Saints didn't do themselves any harm. Bit of a f**k you NFL, here we are game. I'm still tending to go with the Colts though. However, that is from the POV that they have the best individual player in the league so not necessarily the best team. Best team = Saints. Team I'd put money to win it all right now - Colts.

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