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So I took a trip to Vegas last week, checked the odds on the Bengals. The board read,





It may have been the liquor talkin, or it might be my natural bias I have for the BENGALS but................. I like them odds! So you know I had to lay the dough.

The crazy thing is both the ravens and the steelers had better odss of winning the AFC championship. I think it was something like ravens 6:1 and the steelers 8:1. My thinking is the Bengals have just as good of a chance of winning it, if not better vs. the ravens or steelers.

Are these good odds or bad odds? and why?

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I'm getting better odds offshore.Bengals to win Super Bowl is +4500.

.That's $4500 for every $100 bet...45-1 odds. Conference Champs is +1500.This site fluxuates odds sometimes real radically.Example...My first visit about a mouth ago the Reds to win the Series was +18000 yes that's $18K for every $100 placed.Reds then jumped into first place.The Series dropped to +7500 and the NL pendant to +9000. I placed $100 to win the Pendant for $9000,why place the Series at lower odds(unless a parlay)...Well today's are

World Series +7500(same)...NL +1200...Div +400(was +1500)

I'll post the link for any interested to checkout.


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Remember that these odds don't exactly reflect how talented the Bengals are, they are designed so that equal money is bet on all teams. The Raiders are probably much lower odds than Cincy because there are so many die hard raider fans that bet every year for the silver and grey to win the super bowl.

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