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Last minute shocker


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I'm not sure I can take any more of those last minute shocker wins. But I'm not complaining about the win. 3-1 is awesome right now! We should have blown out the Browns though. I know a win is a win but good lord, it seems like every week, it comes down to the last possession. I say fire our long snapper now. Is it me or does it seem like Palmer plays like crap and then turns on a light at the end of the game? Coles was not a good pick up for the loss of TJ either.

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I'll take a nail-biter every week as long as we come outta it with a Win!

Obviously, I agree about the long snapper thing! Just redikulus, for a guy with such little responsibilites to f**k up at every opportunity!

Carson is not the elite QB anymore, but gawd damnit if he ain't a helluva winner! Dr. Clutch B)

I agree to a certain extent about Coles, not worth the money but I'd take Coles everyday of the week over a selfish TJ anyday of the week! I wish we would've given Jerome Simpson a chance, either he plays well or he doesn't, either way know more about him than we do if we never give him a chance!

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