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Reds vs. Dodgers


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Yep 4-2 over the best team in the majors is always a nice thing. If Homer could pitch like that more often, I wouldn't be so sceptical of him, but it seems we only get that out of him every handful of games if not more. Gomes had a nice game and is another one of those young guys that should be fun to continue to watch or one of the reasons to continue to watch the Reds if you like.

Amazing note I was not aware of:

The Reds are the ONLY team in the league that have not lost a game this season when leading after 8 innings. They are 48-0.

I was stunned to read that...

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Five wins in a row over credible opponents from starts by Bailey, Arroyo, Kip friggin Wells, Lehr and Bailey?! I imagine what we could with Cueto, Volquez and Harang.

Bailey's finally starting to look like the top of the rotation guy we expected.

Dude we've had Cueto and BoomHarang most of the season and we still suck. Aaron has stunk it up again this year and Johnny has faded down the stretch. If not for the "Ace" lehr we would really suck and Bronson looked good to.

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