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Best way to watch Bengals while out-of-state?


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justin.tv works pretty well.

Thanks Brother.


- Savage

What I do is go to a Sports Bar/ resturant such as Hooters, Buffalo Hot Wings, Ect.

One bit of advice - if you plan to do that call first and and make sure they will have the game or have more than one TV.

Best way to do this is to start at yellow pages and call and ask if they carry games.

Another bit of advice, get there early,( at least a half an hour before the game) because at least here , they asign the games on who asks for what game first come first serve. so they run out of TV's

The local TV station carries the Steelers even though the Bengals are the closest team because, the guy that runs the station is a steelers fan and the Jackass Steelers fans go into the resturant and hog all the TV's even though they can watch it at home.

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