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Pre Season Game


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I live on the west coast, and i know Direct TV doesnt show preseason games. Does anyone know of a place that will be showing the preseason games live?

Try http://www.justin.tv/directory/sports

I don't know if the game is on there or not, but several different sporting events are usually on there. There's a few other site's like that as well. I don't know if Chad's fav ustream.com has sporting events on it or not. I've only watched a couple minutes of Chad on that site. justin.tv though has all kinds of stuff on it. Pay-per-views, movies, etc. It's free so I'd atleast check there. I don't think there are any television options other than local markets.

Edit: I just saw the link takes you to the main page. Hit Live Channels and then hit Sports.

Double Edit: I should also add the game may not be listed as of now, but check when the game is actually on.

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