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Redskins moving Orakpo to 4-3 OLB

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This unit's question marks are on the strong side. For now, first-round draft pick Brian Orakpo looks to be the starter. He'll likely play linebacker on first and second downs, then move to his natural position, defensive end, on obvious passing downs. Orakpo is still learning, and Olivadotti said during training camp that it is a process for the talented pass rusher. Still, with few other candidates, Orakpo should line up here when the season starts.

This is exactly what Marvin wanted Orakpo for and here in a couple of years we'll get to see if he was right or not about taking Smith over Orakpo.

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The question will be answered more if the Bengals can end up getting the same thing from Michael Johnson in the 3rd round seeing as how they are doing the same thing with him.

If they do, it makes the Andre Smith pick by and far the best move for the Bengals. Adding Maualuga sets this draft up for future episodes of best drafts ever !!!

At least there's always hope for that...

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It could bite us in the ass but it could also end up as Damn!! Cinci got same play as orakpo in the 3rd round & a Probowl Right Tackle...Hey I can Dream!!!Johnson has as much upside as Orakpo & both had questionable motors so should be interesting to see how they turn out.

PS,I know theres a reason Orakpo went in the 1st & Johnson didn't it was more ment of their physical upside.

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I think the comparison in what Johnson and Orakpo do at the OLB position may be closer than most may think. I mean they are both learning the new position and it then becomes who has the ability to learn the position faster and is in a position to make an impact there for their team. With that being the case, I am MORE than happy having Johnson knowing we got help on the o-line in the first.

I compare it to the question asked last year of would you prefer Rivers and Sims, or having us trade up to get Ellis leaving a question mark at OLB ??

I'll take A. Smith and Johnson over Orakpo and whatever o-line help we would have gotten later.

That may change once the season starts, but at this time, yeah, I'm good...

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