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Is it going to happen again?


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The last several years the Bengals (mostly Marvin ) have run their mouths off and told the league who they are going to draft, only to have another team trade up to get their guy.

Last year if you remember, they told everyone "we are going to draft Sedric Ellis, and if he is gone we will take Derrick Harvey".

Then, when draft day rolls around,both are gone by the time that the Bengals pick.

Why ? Because other teams tradded up in front of the Bengals to take both players.

We know who the Bengals are targeting , no other team has given up who they are going to draft the way the Bengals have.

Even with the Lions,who have the 1st pick,you have been hearing Curry, Stafford or Jason Smith.

The Browns had Michael Crabtree in for a visit last week , in the same article , the begining of the article , it gushes about how much they loved the guy, then it went on to say that he came and was too cocky and how much they hated him and have taken him off their boards.

The point is, if the Bengals ( and the f-ing Cincy- Dayton press) would have just keept their mouth shut we wouldnt have people moving up in fornt of us and steeling our guy.

And how about a little subterfuge too.- Every team but ,the Begnals have put out 5 or 6 guys that they are going to draft and done so with conviction.

On NFL Network and on other networks the word is that 4 or 5 teams are trying to move up in front of the Bengals to take Andre Smith.- Nice work Marvin

Today in Pittsburgh fan's Profootballtalk.com.

It still looks like the Bengals will take a tackle with the sixth overall pick.

Which links to

After four months of seemingly endless evaluations, a million mock drafts and more scrutiny about character than a Supreme Court, the Bengals should go on the clock at the NFL Draft Saturday around 5 p.m.

With the sixth pick in the first round, the Bengals could address large needs on the offensive and defensive lines, achieve coach Marvin Lewis’ goal of finding a pass rusher or opt for a skills position player.

Here are some of the key questions heading into this weekend:

Isn’t it a foregone conclusion that they’re going to take an offensive lineman? Nothing is a foregone conclusion when it comes to the draft (except for the first pick being known and signed). However one must take into consideration how much of a priority it is to keep quarterback Carson Palmer in an upright position this season. If the Bengals value that, then they will take one of the three offensive tackles.

OK, so which one of the tackles will it be?

With Baylor’s Jason Smith projected to go to St. Louis and Eugene possibly headed to Kansas City, it looks as if Andre Smith could be the Bengals’ selection.

Of the three, Andre Smith could have the biggest upside, but questions remain about his immaturity. With the Bengals wanting to become a little more run oriented, Smith is the best run blocker of the group.

• Poll: Who should the Bengals take with the No. 6 pick?

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• Interactive: Get ready for the NFL Draft

There are some concerns about his pass blocking skils, but those are correctable.

If Monroe would happen to be available, the Bengals might still opt for Smith. There are concerns about Monroe’s knees and whether he will be able to remain healthy.

What if Aaron Curry falls to six? That would be one of the scenarios where the Bengals would have to rethink taking a tackle. The Wake Forest linebacker is projected to be the best athlete and prospect on many draft boards because he can play the strongside or weakside spots.

The only negative against him is that he is not known as a pass rusher.

Any other defensive players the Bengals might consider? There’s always defensive tackle B.J. Raji of Boston College. The Bengals’ staff coached him during the Senior Bowl and were impressed with his ability to react to the game and dominate opposing offensive lines.

Any longshots? Those would be three offensive players at skill positions – Texas Tech WR Michael Crabtree, Ohio State RB Chris “Beanie” Wells and Georgia RB Knowshon Moreno. Knowing Mike Brown’s penchant for liking dynamic offensive players, they have to be in the discussion.

Crabtree doesn’t have explosive speed, but he is a solid route runner and doesn’t drop too many passes. And if the Bengals were to remotely continue trading the disgruntled Chad Ochocinco, Crabtree would make an appealing replacement.

Wells is the one name that terrifies Bengals’ fans.

While he had a great combine and pro day, many still remember last season, when he was injury prone. Moreno is a physical runner who can get the tough yards, but like Wells he would be a reach at six.

Could the Bengals trade out of the sixth spot? It’s possible, but not too many teams like to trade into the top six because of the money involved in rookie contracts. If Southern Cal QB Mark Sanchez is still available, the dealing could start then. A trade into the top 10 has not happened since 2004.

What are the other needs the Bengals need to address this weekend? They could target a center in the second round along with a running back in the middle rounds. They also need defensive line help and the need to find a pass rusher.

Who could be the first local player chosen? Right now it is looking like Elder grad and Louisville center Eric Wood, who could go to Pittsburgh with the last pick in the first round. UC’s Connor Barwin could go to the Patriots at No. 23, but New England also thinks he will be there at the beginning of the second round. Barwin is one of 17 players that ESPN has a live remote with.

You dont tell telegraph to the world all of your intentions on draft day.

You dont this kind of stuff out of any other team.

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The last several years the Bengals (mostly Marvin ) have run their mouths off and told the league who they are going to draft, only to have another team trade up to get their guy.

Last year if you remember, they told everyone "we are going to draft Sedric Ellis, and if he is gone we will take Derrick Harvey".

Then, when draft day rolls around,both are gone by the time that the Bengals pick.

Is that the way you remember it? Because the way I remember it going down is Ellis slowly emerged as the consensus pick of media types and fans without any help from Lewis or anyone else associated with the Bengals. In fact, prior to the draft Lewis actually downplayed the Bengals level of interest in selecting Ellis. Furthermore, Lewis followed that up post-draft by admitting the Bengals had always targeted the LB position, and had ruled out the trade-up option precisely because they felt one of their targeted players, Rivers or Harvey, would be available if they stayed put. Which is exactly what happened, right?

As for Andre Smith, the media has once again named their consensus pick and Lewis has very briefy commented on Smith due to the questions he's been asked by the previously mentioned media. But I doubt very much he's the only player the Bengals covet who WILL be available at #6.

Besides, what's the alternative? Trading up for Andre Smith? Because as one of a handful of Andre Smith pimps prowling this board thats not an idea even I could get behind.

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I have to admit that when I read he thread title the last thing that crossed my mind was worry about a team trading ahead of the Bengals for any prospect. Rather, I would have guessed the thread would question whether the Bengals would draft another wideout. Or maybe this would be another Beanie Wells thread. Or for that matter, question whether the Bengals would recieve another 11th hour trade proposal like last years Redskin offer.

But this?

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With Sanchez looking to go top 5 and maybe a Tyson Jackson too I don't think it matters much will get one of the top 2 tackles...Not only that I thought it worked out good for us last year so maybe it was part of his plan ^_^

Btw I don't remember him Gushing about JJoe,Hall or Pollack.

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Funny how the player most people think would be the worst thing to happen to this franchise is now part of talks for teams to trade up for...

How did that happen to a player with such issues ?? Oh yeah, they must have been the ones to watch the game tape...

I don't recall Lewis going on and on about any player in regards to the draft since he's been here either. He's commented on some of the players he's coached in the Senior Bowl and answered questions when posed to him, but has been brief and nondescriptive at best.

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