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X-Men Origins: Wolverine


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I know it wont be in theaters until May 1st, but the full-length film was leaked over the internet, and with the exception of a couple of scenes where they werent quite finished digitally editing it, was very good quality. Dont want to spoil it for everyone before its even released, but has good action, and follows the story of Wolverine, and his brother (Sabretooth) and has some good war action and fight scenes.

I give it an 8 out of 10.

BTW--I am in no way condoning the download to dvd of a film that hasnt even been released in theaters yet. For those of you who have copied it, you should feel ashamed.....as I do. ;)

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yeah, i "found" the leaked version too. the unfinished effects totally threw me off, until i noticed that's why it's called a "workprint" :D

the fight scenes really are pretty sweet, although the storyline is somewhat predictable. still, good enough for a night of thoughtless movie entertainment.

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yup good movie... I didn't download tho, i watched it on Movie6.net, joox.net is another good one

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