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I really want to beat the Vikings now


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I've been trolling a Vikings board to pick up any information they get, and they have been completely trashing the Bengals all day. I understand that we aren't a model franchise, but they are trashing the Bengals harder than any Steelers or Browns board I have ever trolled on and that is saying a lot.

We play the Vikings this year and I am putting them right below our division rivals on teams I want to see the Bengals stomp this season. I think this is the year we are going to turn it around and I want to go back to this Vikings board and gloat like hell when we rip them apart.

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Meh. They are probably still bitter over that 37-8 stomping they received the last time the two teams played. Sure... it was way back in '05 - but that kind of stomping stays with you for a few years.

P.S. The Vikings have been around since '61 and have the same number of championships as the Bengals. I'm a little slow to get riled up over the jabs of fans who have nothing more to brag about than their trophyless "purple people eaters" of the 70's.

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I've been talking on some of their boards as well and have gotten good responses for the most part. They all really want TJ and I can see why. They are just sick of getting yanked around and to that I say, "Welcome to life as a Bengals fan"...


I guess Zygi's private jet or hanging out with Bryan McKinnie isn't all that cool, especially in 10 degree weather.

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