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Bengals Restricted Free Agents


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The following Bengals are RFAs:

John Busing, S

DeDe Dorsey, RB

Glenn Holt, WR

Rashad Jeanty, OLB

Brandon Johnson, OLB

Corey Mays, MLB

The Bengals can tender offers to these players to retain their services for one additional season, before they all hit Unrestricted Free Agency. If they don't offer a tender (or sign an extension), then the player automatically becomes an UFA and can sign with any team. Here's a good link that explains the compensation for tendered RFA's:


All that said, the Bengals will have some decisions to make. I think that Jeanty, Johnson and Mays could all receive some interest on the open market. The lowest tender this year is 1.01 million that offers compensation to the team in the round in which they were drafted. Every player with the exception of Johnson (5th round) were undrafted, meaning the Bengals would receive no compensation at that tender. The 2nd round protection tender is 1.54 million, which I believe the Bengals will offer to both Johnson and Jeanty, based on their production last season.

What do you think the Bengals will do with DeDe? He is an explosive player and great special teamer but has been injury prone in his time with the Bengals. Still, some team may be interested in signing him, if he hits the open market. Do you guarantee him a million or more? Mays is pretty much in the same boat, but he has played well on Special Teams and in their goal line package, He is also the backup MLB....right now at least.

Their are also some interesting RFA's on other teams. Here are some I would look at, if I were the Bengals:

Lance Moore, WR, New Orleans - Possible 2nd round tender. Very productive with a similar skill set to T.J.

Owen Daniels, TE, Houston - Pro Bowl TE who can block and catch. Should get a 1st round tender.

Sam Koch, P, Baltimore - One of the NFL's better punters. Baltimore has too many FA's to sign ahead oh him. Undrafted.

Carey Davis, FB, Pittsburgh - True blocking FB. Decent hands. Like Baltimore, the Steelers have others to sign.

Fred Jackson, RB, Buffalo - One of the league's better backup RBs. Had 136 yards vs. NE in week 17. Good receiver.

Danny Ware, RB, N.Y. Giants - Didn't play much, but the Giants are very high on him. Rare ability, but has been injured.

Rudy Niswanger, C, Kansas City - Whit's teammate at LSU. One of the smartest players in the NFL. Started 15 games last season.

Miles Austin/Sam Hurd, WRs, Dallas - Good special teams players who have been productive from scrimmage.

Sorry about the length, but I think the RFA process is often times overlooked.

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Busing is good for saftey depth and teams play, so there's that. I think Dorsey would be a gret change of pace back if he can stay healthy. Only way Holt leaves is if Chad and TJ both come back next year. I want to see both Jeanty and Johnson come back and Mays may be done depending on this years draft. You know we are going to pick up a LB...

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