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Kingwilly's 2009 V1 Mock


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1 Detroit - Sam Bradford QB

2 St. Louis - Andre Smith OT

3 Kansas City - Matthew Stafford QB

4 Seattle Michael Crabtree - WR

5 Cleveland - Malcolm Jenkins CB

6 Cincinnati - Michael Oher OT

7 Oakland - Rey Maualuga LB

8 Jacksonville - Vontae Davis CB

9 Green Bay - Eugene Monroe OT

10 San Francisco - Taylor Mays FS

11 Buffalo - Jason Smith OT

12 Denver - Aaron Curry LB

13 Washington - Brian Orakpo DE

14 New Orleans - Chris Wells RB

15 Houston - Ciron Black OT

16 New York Jets - Brian Cushing LB

17 Chicago - Tim Tebow QB

18 Tampa Bay - Michael Johnson DE

19 Detroit (from Dallas) - Greg Hardy DE

20 New England - Alphonso Smith CB

21 Atlanta - Jermaine Gresham TE

22 Minnesota - Jeremy Macklin WR

23 Indianapolis - Percy Harvin WR

24 Miami - B.J. Raji DT


25 Arizona - James Laurinaitis LB

26 Pittsburgh - Duke Robinson OG

27 Philadelphia - Knowshon Moreno RB

28 Baltimore - D.J. Moore CB

29 Philadelphia (from Carolina) - Kenny Britt WR

30 San Diego - Will Moore FS

31 New York Giants *Brandon Spikes LB

32 Tennessee - Hakeem Nicks WR


Bengals r2-7

r2: Tyson Jackson DE

r3a: Antoine Caldwell C

r3b: Kam Chancellor S

r4a: Quan Crosby WR

r4b: Zach Follett LB

r5: Ian Johnson RB

r6: Louis Vasquez G

r7: Pat White QB/Slash

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No to Michael Oher at #6. (By the time the draft rolls around Oher might rank as the 5th best OT in the draft.)

No to Tyson Jackson in the 2nd round. (Or for that matter, ever.)

No to Antoine Caldwell in the 3rd. (My least favorite of the highly ranked OC prospects.)

I could go on, but in order to remain true to my New Years resolution to be a kinder gentler HOF I'll step away from the keyboard now.

BTW, I ignored my own advice and put together my own ranking list earlier than I've ever done. And predictably....it's a mess. So no mock from me until the deadline for underclassman to declare has passed. But trust me, you'll get your chance to return fire.

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Yep, I've resisted throwing another attempt at figuring out the Bengals direction until all the underclassmen have declared as well.

Also agree with saying no to Oher unless we trade down to get more picks and then go after him. #6 ?? Monroe...

If we get a Center, I would prefer to stay away from the 280-290 range guys who will get flattened Guychick style by bigger defenders.

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