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Merry Christmas indeed.


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Palmer fine after 30 throws; Surgery dims


December 24, 2008

Feeling no pain after throwing 30 balls during seven-on-seven Tuesday, Carson Palmer says surgery has become less and less of an option and that there is going to be a concrete decision by the end of the week.

Palmer, working on the field in his first practice since Oct. 5, worked for the scout team against the defense and said he threw passes as long as 40 yards.

As he left Wednesday's news conference, head coach Marvin Lewis was asked about the possible surgery timetable and said he didn't think Palmer would need surgery but, as he often reminds the media, he's not a doctor.

Still, the small tear in the ulna colateral ligament of Palmer's throwing elbow appears to be healing with rest and strenghtening exercises.

"Felt good. Nothing great to report, nothing out of the ordinary," Palmer said before he was supposed to throw again in Wednesday's practice. "Nothing bad to report ... threw a couple of long balls. Nothing to report."

But Palmer did report that he's getting a better feel for how far he's progressed now that he's throwing into "holes" of a defense.

Asked if surgery is now less of a possibility, Palmer said, "Yes ... we're going to evaluate it after I get through this week. We'll see what happens there, but from what they've said it looks like a lesser possibility than it was months ago."

Lewis said if it continues to rain Wednesday, Palmer won't throw again until Friday (they're off Christmas Day on Thursday), the last full-scale workout of the season.

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