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so, who's going to the stadium for the next home game?


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after mike brown's insult on our intelligence this week and yet another blowout loss, how could anyone walk through the portals of PBS? don't do it! if you do, you are not a real fan. you may think you are but you are merely what mike

is hoping for when he talks in circles and works you like the puppet master he is for nearly 20 years. I don't care what money he has guaranteed from the tv agreements the fans still hold the key and the key is empty seats. period. so what will it be? will you man up and not go or will you continue to be fooled by mike brown and herd into the stadium?

the ball is in the fan's court.

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Not a real fan huh ?? I'll just disagree with you on that one...

I sold the tickets I bought earlier in the year and came into a couple of tickets to the game against the Chiefs for free. Mrs. ArmyBengal and myself will be there to tailgate, drink some beers, and enjoy family and friends at the game. I don't really care the outcome of the game, but will be going to have a good time and if nothing else, find a LARGE group of people who might be as equally as pissed off about the season as I am !!!

Hell, at least I didn't pay for the tickets !!!

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