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Why has Carson not had his surgery?


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I know that Carson is worried about getting another operation and I understand that it is his throwing arm but, I cant understand why it is not already over and done.

Nearly every time I can remember a player choosing to "workout" or "build up the muscles around the injury" instead of surgery , it has turned out for the worse.

The player ends up haveing the surgery after they have done major damage to themselves or at the very least are just not right until they have had the surjury.

It seems to me that this season is over and done and the best option for Carson and the Bengals would be to have the operation ASAP so, that he has as much time as possiable to heal and be able to workout with the team in the pre-season.

You have to wonder if Mike Brown has some of his "experts" trying to get Carson to postpone the surgery so ,he can sell a few more tickets.

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I think this is more Carson than anything else and regardless of what Mike Brown would like or not like, the fans already know the deal and can't see this affecting ticket sales in the least. I believe they know there is a timetable and it's getting close. Hopefully all of this works out for the best and Carson is ready to go by the spring. The thing that concerns me is what happens if there is a setback and the timetable for his return shifts and he's out for a longer period of time. THAT'S what concerns me the most...

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