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DO the Browns have a family...


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I have to belive that when Mike Brown goes , you will probably have something that looks like what happened with the 49ers --- a gutting of the team and more of the same kind of stuff we have now.

If Katie has studied at her fathers side, GOD HELP US ALL!!

The only thing that I can think of that would be a bright spot is that Katie used to be kind of HOT , I have not seen a picture of her in recent years, so I dont know what she is looking like these days.

She cannot do much worse than Mike Brown.

He has got to the least successful GM in sports history, as far as winning goes.

One winning season in his entire career, what a joke, when you consider that he basicaly has the same resources that all other NFL teams have.

You would think that with his age that he would like to win one Super Bowl in his lifetime,Pual Brown sure tried to get one before he died and almost did twice, but, not Mike he wants to take all of the money with him.

Maybe Katie has promised to bury him in a gold coffin.

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