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Horrible decisions - Again


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Who was one of the worst players in the pre-season for the Bengals? For me it was David Jones.

Being thin at CB what happens on cut-down day? the let Deltha go... :wacko::wacko:

Now JJ is hurt and who do we go to, to START against WORLD CHAMPIONS.....David Jones

Are they TRYING to lose? It sure seems like it.

Let see if I can remember off of the great decisions in the last few years...

Let Eric steinbach go, Resigned Willie. Cut Willie the following year to which he goes to a divisions rival and kics our ass Week 1.

Resigned Levi. Then he bitches up a storm, gets the s**t beat out of him, gets manhandled and gives up 4 sacks in a game, whines like a bitch, and wants traded. again nice decision making.

Now the o-line is in shambles, can't pass protct to save their lives. 2 weeks into the season and we have 1 touchdown to show for it. and week 3 they go up agains the world champions. Carson better have a good insurance policy.

I think they are TRYING to loose.

I'm not even going to mention the rest on the defensive side of the ball...

So today be prepared to watch us crown another jewel of bad decison making....

introducing the NEW "toast" of CB's......David "toast" Jones......

Ahh the memmories. Remember Rod "toast" Jones?? Anyone remember him?

A tradition in Bengal-land.

~It sure would be nice to have Deltha today...... <_<

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Watch for David Jones to be exposed via the double-pump/double-move. By the fourth quarter expect Mr. Jones cushion on Pax or Toomer to be like this:

--------Goal Line----------

-------- 10 ----------


-------- 20 ----------

-------- 30 ----------


-------- 40 ----------

I am estimating about a 15 yard cushion.

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