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CJ-85's 1-9 Mock Draft

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1. Dolphins, Jake Long-OT

Done deal.

2. Rams, Glenn Dorsey-DT

All signs point to Dorsey so far.

3. Jets (from Atl), Chris Long-DE

Jets jump ahead of Oak to still Long.

4. Raiders, Darren McFadden-RB

Now that Long is off the board they'll settle with D-MAC.

5. Chiefs, Sedrick Ellis-DT

Heart breaker for the Bengals.

6. Falcons (from NYJ), Ryan Clady-OT

Falcons DO NOT NEED Matt Ryan! They Need O-Line to protect the QB.

7. Patriots (from San), Leodis McKelvin-CB

Patriots could use another CB now that Samuel is flying with the Eagles.

8. Ravens, Matt Ryan-QB

Steve McNair is retired & Troy Smith won't be able to get the job done.

9. Bengals, Vernon Gholston-DE

Ellis is off the board, and Gholston somehow falls to #9.

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falcons taking Clady could happen....then use one of their 3 r2 picks for Brian Brohm...makes sense to me..

Gholsten faling seems unlikely, given his hype. NE passing is hard to take, considering the fossils they have at LB, he is a perfect fit.

Ravens taking Ryan is guaranteedifhe is there...

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