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Stupid Question #4,592

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If we end up with Snyder's 21st pick for Fredo, does that change what we do with pick #9?

Pick #21, right before Dallas & the Squeelers, is a great place for a good RB (Stewart?) or a sliding O-Lineman (Otah, Albert, Cherilius), as well as an underrated DE w/ injury concerns (Groves, Merling).

We could even get a top, sliding WR (Thomas, Kelly, Sweed). Thoughts?

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I don't think it changes whatwe do at 9 so much as what we can do with the rest of the draft.

If we had 21, I like Groves, since he can play DE and LB.

We could also package up our new r1-21 and one of our r2's (we'd get the extra one if CJ is traded) to move up to low teens to get Devin Thomas to address WR.


if Ellis or "our pick" is gone by 7 we could move out of r1-9 with a team later in r1 (like Dallas) for their two r1's (21 + 28)...or give our 9 to ATL for their whole r2 (34, 37, 48).

...just thinking out loud.

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I to think it frees up what we do with the rest of the first day. There are many options on both sides of the ball that could be addressed with another 1st in that area. Limas Sweed, Jonathan Stewart, Kenny Phillips, Dan Connor, Calais Campbell, Gosder Cherilus, and a handful of capable CB's are all options that I wouldn't mind having to choose from in that area...


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I'd like to get a deal done for Chad ahead of the draft. I'd take Washington's 2nd and 3rd this year plus their 1st next year. Use our own 3rd to move up to 5 or 6 and ensure we get Ellis. Take Take Kelly and Lofton in the 2nd. Maybe take Santana Moss from the Skins instead of their 3rd rounder. Look for Nelson or Forte in the 3rd.

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