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I would like to trade CJ for Roy Williams straight up then draft Malcolm Kelly with the Bengals first round pick at #9? I think that solves a lot of problems, and if TJ doesn't want to stay with the Bengals after next season you got two Wrs. to replace both CJ and TJ. Not to mention you would have two guys that are over 6'2 lining up for Palmer. I think the trade involving Roy Williams for CJ will reduce the major cap hit the Bengals will have if they traded CJ for draft picks.

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I would love to see Roy Williams in stripes, but the Lions seem to be just as stubborn as the Bengals when it comes to trade talk involving their star receiver. The Lions have repeatedly said they won't trade Williams.

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I'm posting simply because the thought of Chad being packed off to Detroit to once again be thrown to by Mr. Kitna is just about the funniest thing I can imagine.

Chad deserves it. Chad also deserves getting traded to the Dolphins and having John Beck throw him the ball.

There are so many great options! How about the crap QB buffet they have in Atlanta with Redman, Harrington, and Schockley?

I'd take Atlanta's 2nd and 3rd or so for Chad. And while they need the picks to rebuild...they also need a marquee name to put asses in seats since Vick's gone. It's just dumb enough to work.

Or Tampa. I would pay serious money to see Chucky chew his ass out.

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