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Robertson Trade Over?


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March 3, 2008

Robertson's agent not ready to talk trade

Just got off the phone with Dewayne Robertson’s agent, Hadley Engelhard. He seemed a bit taken aback by reports that Robertson is being traded to the Bengals - although he didn’t refute the two teams have agreed to trade compensation. But he made it sound like he’s not even close to a new contract with the Bengals. That could be posturing, of course.

“We’ve had discussions with the Bengals as well as other teams with regard to Dewayne,” Engelhard said. “We have not agreed to a contract, not by any stretch.”

Both the Bengals and Team Robertson want a new contract. Robertson has more than $18 million remaining on the final two years of his current deal, including $9.8 this season, and there’s no way the Bengals want to swallow that much of a cap hit in 2008. Robertson, of course, is looking for a long-term commitment and more new money.

Robertson also would have to pass a physical, and that’s no gimme. Remember, in 2005, it came to light that he has a bone-on-bone condition in one knee. In fairness to Robertson, he never missed a game because of it, although he did make a trip to noted orthopedist James Andrews that summer to get it checked out.


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