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Stroud to the bills


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Jay Glazer of Fox is reporting that the Buffalo Bills have completed a trade with the Jacksonville Jaguars for defensive tackle Marcus Stroud.

The price the Bills paid to the Jaguars was a pair of draft picks, third- and fifth-rounders. That makes it official that the going rate for defensive tackles in the NFL is third- and fifth-round picks. Earlier this week, the Panthers sent Kris Jenkins to the Jets for third- and fifth-round picks, and the Lions agreed to trade Shaun Rogers to the Bengals for third- and fifth-round picks, although that trade was voided and Rogers was ultimately sent to the Browns for a third-round pick and Leigh Bodden.

The Bills paved the way for acquiring Stroud by cutting defensive tackle Larry Tripplett. An Associated Press story saying Stroud "cut short his visit with the Bills in Buffalo on Friday after the team's interest cooled upon learning Stroud was seeking a significant raise" was incorrect.

In fact, a league source tells PFT that although Stroud re-worked his contract in a way that gives him more of the money he's due on his current deal upfront, no "significant raise" was part of the deal with the Bills. Stroud still h


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So we could of made a better trade then them by giving are 3rd and 5th because we pick before the Bills. Guess we don't need defense.... <_<

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