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I want Hue Jackson back!


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If the Bengals have any sense at all they will bust ass to get Hue Jackson back here.

I know that TJ and Chad are having great stat years but that would be because most of the time we are playing from behind and we have to throw the ball.

Hue's only been gone for one year and his just got dissed for the interim coaches position.

Strike while the irons hot, Brat sucks, let Hue have the OC job.

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"Brat Sucks" you'll get no argument from me there.

But I'm not sure how comfortable Hue would be coming back, I felt at the time and still do that it was a "him or me situation" and as much as I love Hue, Chad makes more plays.

Right now even if the OC is a richard, we have a lot of talent so they should improve or at least not regress regardless of the OC.

IMHO we have to stay focused on the D, with so many potential free agents walking and the extra picks in the draft we have a real opportunity to fix much of what ails the D and give ourselves a real good shot, make or break time fellas.

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Let's start with the base issue:

Brat builds offensive game schemes that use a predictable set of calls and is easily adjusted to by an opponent, while rarely adjusting in-game to exploit a known or found weakness of an opponent.

Overcoming this issue is the job of the HC, Marvin Lewis. Marvin should be able to set a successful process by which they evaluate and adjust the scheme both in-game and in preparation. To me, it seems they just "do what they do" and hope it works.

Now, would Hue be any better? Maybe. If Hue could prove to me he can prevent WR's from false starting or prove he knows how to rotate the RB spot when a player shows a hot-hand, then I would be all for it. In a sense, this is like handing any qualified driver a Ferrari F1 car....much of t is about the machine. Extending this analogy, I think Brat misses his shifts and braking spots a little too much but let's find a good, qualified driver before we just hand the keys over to a guy like Hue, who at this point is just a good mechanic.

With ATL, there is not much "driving" to go on, really.

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