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Willie tells it like it is


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Enquirer interview with Willie Anderson.


Willie wants the team to get back to the days of 2003 and 2004 when they were hungry and scrappy. He says they have become too Hollywood (read between the lines).

Here's hoping Marvin uses this season to let these guys know that the free ride is over. I think he thought that last year was a slight deviation of course but this year makes it obvious that things must change. He has no reason to feel like he is stepping on toes when it will probably be his ass if things continue like this next year.

I also believe that losing some of the key veteran leadership like Rich Braham and Kevin Kaesviharn has hurt too. I think Braham's loss is one of the main reasons this team has declined since the beginning of last year.

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I love Willie. He was always my favorite Bengal. No, he's still my favorite. I'll be the first to admit that his production has dropped -- before the injuries. But man, this guy is the lockerroom leadership. In fact, isn't it great that Willie and Thornton -- two linemen, most of whom everyone wishes gone, are the two biggest leaders on our team during a time we wish more of our younger "superstars" would start leading?

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