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Post Game Comments (Highlights)


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if only:

T.J. Housh: The best team lost again.

Bresnahan: You gotta understand, my defense is behind the eight ball from the beginning.

It's tough to defend when you play with this version of the run and shoot on our offense.

Carson ain't no Warren Moon. ... If I had Ahmad Brooks and Pollack available

you'd be singin' my praises. ... You can't pin this one on me.

Brat: I only draw them up, the players have to execute.

Rudi Johnson: It's going to take a lot of money for me to come back and put up

with not playing. Read my lips: I'm good to go.

Carson: Sure I'm cocky. I lead this team to an 11-5 record once. I healed my

leg quicker than anyone expected. What else do you fans want?

Marvin: Losing close games is my specialty.

Shayne: I pray before every game it doesn't come down to a kick.

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The rot is deep and wide in this team. 2007 started with questions only about the defense. As the season progressed, the special teams rotted out. Now by the 10th game, what on the Bengals team is any good? I don't believe there will be a Monday quotes from anyone associated with the Bengals that they are a better team than Arizona or better than their record or that they are a good team. This team will rank right down there with some of the worst Bengal teams in history. An historic accomplishment.

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