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Best Bengal Draft

Mikey Boy

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This year's draft certainly has the numbers and hopefully will work out. IMWT (In Marvin We Trust). Last year's draft could be hard to beat all time if Palmer works out. Steinbach, Washington, J. Johnson, etc. Past ones to beat would seem to be '72 with Sherman White, Casanova and Jim LeClair, or '76 with Bujnoch, Billy Brooks, Archie Griffin (I know he underachieved), Chris Bahr and Reggie Williams, or '77 (2 in a row!) with Eddie Edwards, Whitley, Pete Johnson and Breeden or 1980 with Anthony Munoz and nobody else. Which would be your choice?

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Here's a few more to ponder:

1968: Bob Johnson, Paul Robinson, Al Beauchamp, Essex Johnson, Bob Trumpy

1978: Ross Browner, Blair Bush, Ray Griffin, Don Bass (WR/TE), Tom Dinkel

1986: Tim Mc Gee, Joe Kelly, Lewis Billups, David Fulcher, Eric Kattus

2001: Justin Smith, Chad Johnson, Rudi Johnson, TJ

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