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Should I be worried about Gore?


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Okay, first off let me start off by saying that my team is effing stacked. I have the best team in the league by far and away. After this week, I am 4-0-1 and have outscored everyone the league by about 70 points. I play in a traditional ten team league. QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, DEF, K.

I have Brady, Frank Gore, Ronnie Brown, Larry Fitzgerald, Plaxico Burress, Calvin Johnson, Greg Jennings, Roddy White (I'm just trying to show how stacked I am at recieving here...) Ben Watson, Dallas Clark, Robbie Gould, Jason Elam, Chicago D, Minnesota D.

But I'm started to get a little bit worried about Frank Gore. He is only averaging about 62 yards a game and has only reached the endzone three times this season - all in the first two weeks. He's played some tough defenses the passed three weeks, but their offense has been anemic this season, and the defenses seem to be keying in on Gore. Should I be worried? I've been contemplating giving up some of the depth at reciever to go out and try and get another RB. Am I justified in being worried about Gore or should I give him some more time?

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This is just my take on Gore, going back to last season. I noticed that the 49er's were out of a lot of games early last season. And when teams fall behind they tend to put the ball in the air more often. Or at least that's usually the plan. So opposing defenses will bring in extra defensive backs.

Now in the case of the 49er's Gore got a lot of second half carries and a lot of garbage yards.

He's not a bad running back, but he's not the type of runner that can take a team on his own. So unless the 49er's open the field more or they start getting behind early, I don't see Gore's stats getting much better.

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