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Too Many Issues


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Best way I can put it: watching that last fumble felt like a kick in the balls.

As to the article: I'm all about a kickoff specialist, but then again I think many teams should have one. I'm betting a kickoff specialist would be worth probably 8 yards of field position better than Shayne, on average, per kick. Considering we kick, say, 5 or 6 times per game that's up to 50 yards per game. How many players on the team are worth 50 yards per game? I'm sure the 53rd man on the roster isn't.

So yeah, we need a kicker. Shayne's too hurt, he's barely getting it to the endzone and even then it's flat. Not dogging Shayne since he's playing through the injury, but we can't put up with these kickoffs anymore.

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