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Bulletin Board Material from Ogden...


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From an ESPN blogger: http://myespn.go.com/blogs/hashmarks/0-3-1...njury-News.html

More Ravens Injury News

September 11, 2007 12:22 AM

All-Pro left tackle Jonathan Ogden said he'll probably have an MRI on his left big toe to determine how significant the injury is. He's already had the tendons in his toe surgically repaired once, but doesn't think his new injury will require another surgery.

"I knew I was hurt when [Justin Smith] bull-rushed me," Ogden said. "It just gave out, and I knew I couldn't go on it."

When I asked him how tough Smith and Robert Geathers were to block, Ogden rolled his eyes and said, "They ain't Freeney and Mathis."

He was calling his injury "turf toe" as he walked toward the team bus late Monday night. Starting right tackle Adam Terry replaced Ogden on the left side, and rookie Marshal Yanda took Terry's spot.

If Ogden's out for an extended amount of time, it could clear the way for rookie Jared Gaither, who the Ravens selected in the supplemental draft.

For all of you who've read this blog for the last 18 hours, you may want to seek counseling. Have a pleasant Tuesday.

Ravens-Bengals, Justin Smith, Jonathan Ogden

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Wow. Ogden should know better than to openly disrespect an opponent, especially when your team just got roughed up, and your season is in serious question.

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