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well I never thought i would utter these words this season let alone after the first game but here it comes.

The Defence won us a game !!!

and the offence spluttered second half given 3 chances to put the game away they go 3 and out and put pressure on a defence that has underperformed all preseason and they showed that they can play. Geathers is a future pro bowler without a doubt even Brooks showed us something we havent seen in preseason that he can play infact kudos to all the guys on that unit they played well from rookie leon hall to the vets like Myers on the line, that 6-7 play goal line stand was magical.

the offence however !!

I know people have said this before but I really do not like brats playcalling in certain situations he just seems to stutter and i guess poor excution didnt help the cause but they really need to improve and if they do i really pity the browns D on sunday if they thought s**tsburg raped them they wont have seen anything compared to what a pissed off bengals O will do I hope :)

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I watched the entire Bengals game and I was amazed. The defense looked fantastic! They were really popping the Ravens good. It was great to see all of the turnovers OUR defense was forcing. They really looked good. The Ravens were not just giving up the ball. Our defense was strong-arming these guys and the football was popping loose everywhere.

Keep up the great work guys! :sure:

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Defense: holy sh*t! About all I can say. There was much aggravation on this board - including from me - regarding the passive, predictable play calling from last year, but good God, looks like that might be gone! Extremely impressive. The rush kept coming, it kept coming from different places, and they were getting a fantastic amount of pressure from 4-5 guys.

This wasn't like last year where Hines Ward talked about Chuck's 'blitz of the day' that they were ready for after the first time they saw it. It was everywhere. And the coverage was unpredictable too - loved seeing Geathers 20 yards downfield making a pick! Awesome!!!

Offense: Carson seems to need a game or two to shake the inaccuracy, then turns it on. Hopefully this was our one-off, and he'll be good from here on out. We get the Stains next week, so hopefully that won't be too bad. To me, the injuries on the O-line is the bigger issue.

All in all, it wasn't always a pretty game, but it sure was entertaining. Long term I figure the offense will be OK, and I am so impressed with the defense. Hope it's a sign of things to come.

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ah defense is spelled with an s not a c and there is no u in color...

just kidding.

But the defense did look really good last night alot of pressure which caused mental errors for Baltimore. I mean if we can not put together a victory with six turnovers then we really are in deep trouble. I dont know why but there did seem to be alot more fire and determination in the defensive unit than i have seen in a long time. If they can play this inspired for 15 more games it think we are in very good position to make a run in the playoffs. And I want to see that hit on Mcnair one more time when he got leveled that was awesome!

Mike Green

Waynesville Ohio

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