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This years worries and expectations.


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Carson is god.

This year all relies on D-FENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok dude, first off, last year kinda pissed me off, we lost alot of "should-of-won-games" due to in-team emotions and such. Not too mention I could of killed defense at the Chargers game.

But i'm going to focus on what I saw in the pre-season this year so far, which wasn't very informative.

Although my dude chad started his bitching early this year hahah. But what I personally expect this year is somewhere roughly 10-6 thorugh 12-4. Our schedule this year is alot more easy than last years.

Another thing, I think the Ravens are a good team, but I believe they don't know a formula to advance a touchdown on us. Last year I was at the ravens bengals game, 13-0 shutout.

Only worries this year is mainly the patriots game.. we always struggle against them.

The seahawks are a decent team, not much worries there, i expect more from the Jets this year.

And of course the s**tsburg steelroids..Im not even going to get into that at the moment.(we will win)

Browns, perhaps a little worry.. They always play like a pro team against us, but like sh*t against everyone else.. but it wont be much of a problem. We end our season with the dolphins, E-Z win there.

Post your suggestions.

(Note to board, Big Ben sucks.)

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