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Anyone been to Sioux Falls South Dakota ??


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I just found out a couple hours ago that I would be going to work at a Military Entrance Processing Station or (MEPS) in Sioux Falls, SD when I get back next year. I've never been there, but people say it's a nice place to live. I'm just happy about it, because it means I'm locked in to this job until I retire at the beginning of 2010 and move back to Cincinnati !!! It's a great family assignment and Mrs. ArmyBengal is thrilled !!! Mapquest says it's about 13+ hours from my folks house, so I figure around 11 with my driving... Anyway, any other information would be great !!!


WHO "freakin" DEY !!!

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Great news man! That sound great, I would love to be able to travel out west. I have a customer in Souix Falls, SD that I chat with from time to time and he says that it truly is a wonderful place. He works for a resturaunt called Carnival Brazillian Grille, sounds like a pretty neat place. Check it out if you remember.

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Congrats AB!

Never been to SD........but have been to ND (my sis and her hubby were stationed in Grand Forks with the AF during Desert Storm)

I remember lots of skeeters up there and flat land. I went with my parents when I was about 14, driving 20 hours from Cinti to GFAFB. NOT HAPPY!

I have always wanted to go to Mt. Rushmore and Badlands. Kind of do a 3 week driving trip. Drive thru the south to southwest to Cali up to Wash state and then back thru the norther states. (But, when I think of vacation...I usually do tropical. So don't know if I'll do this until I'm 65! LOL)

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