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I'm kinda pissed about this. I live is South Carolina now and I don't think I'll get to see one Buckeye game :angry:

I think some of the bigger games are still going to be simlucasted on ESPN gameplan which I think is ABC because Disney owns both of them.

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Anybody watch the LSU game last night.

Flutie and James were both falling all over the SEC conference, saying it is the toughest. The reasonng they gave was the fact that weak teams like Miss. St. can never seem to get more than 1 or 2 conferenc wins while over in the Big Ten perrennial weakies Ill. and Northwestern have jumped up and taken a conference championship. This is the same reason I say the SEC(and the Big 12) is not the toughest conference, when you can mark 3 games on your schedule as gemme's every season it makes your conference weaker, not stronger.

The Big Ten is always thought of as OSU, Mich and the rest, that is far from the truth most seasons. PSU, Wisc., Iowa, MSU, Minn., Northwestern, Purdue and Ill. have all been good as recent as 10 years ago. Only Indiana has been a cupcake game and that looks to be changing, if thier new coach can continue what Hoeppner started before he lost his battle with cancer.

The Big Ten teams have one of the toughest top to bottom conferences in the nation, any team(except IND) is capable of jumping up and taking the championship any given year. Can any other conference in the nation say this? I think the answer is a definite NO.

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